We Are A Technology Company Whose Mission Is To Help Agencies, Publishers & Brands To Tell Better Stories At Scale. We Provide Brands & Content Creators With Smart Technology, a Creator Network and Content Marketing Expertise.

The MAKULO Story Part ONE – What We Do
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Storytelling In The Age Of Crowdcultures.
The MAKULO Story Part TWO – Why We Do It
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Challenges – Solutions – Benefits For Brands & Agencies
The MAKULO Story Part THREE – How We Do It
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MAKULO In A Nutshell

A One Stop Software Solution For Your Content Marketing Journey – Branded Publishing
Strategy -> Content Creation -> Branded Storytelling & Social Activation -> Controlling -> Learning – > Adjustment

Changing Customer Espectations And More Channels To Serve Challenge Agencies & Brands To Tell Better Branded Stories At Scale. MAKULO Gives You The Tools To Create Authentic Branded Stories. Enables You To Manage Your Team Of Testimonials, Athletes & Influencer Cost Efficient & In Real Time.

Episode I: What We Do

Episode II: Why We Do It

Episode III: How We Do it

What Separates Us From The Rest

A Unique Set Of Features That Make The Difference

KPI Driven

“Cost Per” Analytics – Measure & Learn – Customizable Metrics & Integrations – Individual Reports


Legal Compliant -> No Automated 3rd Party Data Aggregation & Connection

Eco System

A Software Of Interconnected & Supporting Features Which Mutually Enrich And Reinforce Each Other.

Higher ROI

Workflow & Data Driven Optimization, Collaboration & Long Tail Effects

Product: Business

Content Creator & Story Builder

You Work With 3+ Pro Athletes & Influencers On A Yearly Contract (Fix Team). You Need To Keep Track Of Their Product Integrations, Activities, Storytelling & Content Production Across All Channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram …) Media Clippings (Cover, Articles…), Travel Behavior.

Product: Enterprise

” Content Creator – Campaign Manager – Story Builder”

You Want To Tell Better Branded Stories And Plan Multiple Campaigns Or Product Launches. You Work With Flexible Teams / Influencer. We Have The Right Tools For You To Brief, Manage & Control Your Campaign And Keep Your KPIs On Track.

Strategy & Briefing

Audience: Who Are We Targeting? Where Do We Reach Them? Market: Where Is The Opportunity? Objectives: What Are Our KPI´s? How Do We Map Them? Resources: What´s Our Budget?

Convert Strategy To Briefing Via MAKULO Software

Casting & Matching

Invite Your Influencer & Content Creator Via Email. Add Them To Campaign By Unique Invite Code. Use The Matching Engine (MAKULO Index) To Separate The Best From The Rest. Convert Contract Details – KPI`s In Goals And Targets. Let The Software do The Rest.

Process & Execution

The Unique Business Intelligence & Analytics Engine Takes Care Of The Content Delivery & Quality Assurance. All Work And Communication Goes Through MAKULO´s Software.

Output & Optimize

Branded Stories, Media Clippings, Social Posts And Many More – Ready For Download & Distribute On Your Own Channels. A Suite Of Tools Makes Sure That Everything Follows Best Practices And Adhere To Necessary Guidelines.


All In One Solution

Managed Content Creators, Casting, Contract Handling, Support With Briefings, Quality Assurance & Optimization incl. MAKULO Software.
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From Our Unique Workflow & Storytelling Software, Best Creative Athletes & Lifestyle Influencers, In The Most Desired Places, Creating Epic Moments, Delivering High Quality Content Faster And At A Lower Cost Than Ever Before. Everything Happens In Real Time – You Can Be Part Of An Extraordinary Lifestyle In An Easy And Affordable Way. We Have Over 250 Upcoming Projects In Our Database. Join The Revolution Of Storytelling.

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