We Are A Technology Company Whose Mission Is To Help Agencies, Publishers & Brands To Tell Better Stories At Scale. We Provide Brands & Content Creators With Smart Technology, a Creator Network and Content Marketing Expertise.

The MAKULO Story Part ONE – What We Do
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Storytelling In The Age Of Crowdcultures.
The MAKULO Story Part TWO – Why We Do It
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Storytelling In The Age Of Crowdculture

Changing Customer Espectations And More Channels To Serve Challenge Agencies & Brands To Tell Better Branded Stories At Scale. MAKULO Gives You The Tools To Create Authentic Branded Stories. Enables You To Manage Your Team Of Testimonials, Athletes & Influencer Cost Efficient & In Real Time.

A One Stop Solution For Your Content Marketing Journey.
Strategy -> Content Creation -> Branded Storytelling -> Social Activation -> Controlling -> Learning – > Adjustment

Steffen Roth Founder MAKULO:

“Content Creators & Brands Can Work Better Together
When They Become Storyteller & Think In „Themes / Topics”
That Engage & Match”

MAKULO In A Nutshell

Solution & Benefits

What We Do

Why We Do It

How We Do it

Product: Business Solution

“Content Creator & Story Builder” Bundle

You Work With 3+ PRO Athletes & Influencers. You Need To Keep Track Of Their Product Integrations & Talking About Product, Activities, Storytelling & Content Production Across All Channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest..), Media Clippings (Cover, Articles, Ad´s ….), Travel Behavior. We Got The Right Solution For You.

Product: Enterprise Solution

” Content Creator – Campaign Manager – Story Builder” Bundle

You Want To Tell Better Branded Stories. You Plan Multiple Marketing Campaigns Or Product Launches. We Have The Right Tool For You To Brief, Manage & Control Your Campaign – KPI´s. 5 Easy Steps.

creative brief

Upload your guidelines & demo content based on your brand & content strategy or use our creative talent to create real time ideas and solutions from all over the world for your next campaign.

set up

Set your project, demographic, content and activation goals to meet your KPI´s, targets & budgets. Invite your Team via email & code. If you need more Team Member You can Use the MAKULO NetWork.


The MAKULO software matches & briefs your team member in real time. (Access MAKULO Network: additional pro athletes, creative storyteller, videographer & influencers)


The unique business intelligence & analytics engine takes care of the business process & quality assurance.


Branded Stories, Media Clippings, Social Posts and many more – Ready For Download.

Product “FULL SERVICE” Solution

Team Selection & Management + Branded Content Production

You Are Not Sure What Branded Stories Fit Best To Your Company Values & Topics?
You Need Help To Find The Right Team Based On Your Strategy & Briefing?
You Need Help To Mange & Brief Your Team?
You Need Help To Define Your KPI´s?
You Look For Something Special?

All Our Team Project Mangers Have An Heritage In The Extrem Sport & Influencer Industry. We Can Help To Find The Right Team Briefings & Instructions Based On Your KPI´s & Themes To Match Your Company & Brand / Product Strategy & Guidelines.

Example “Full Service” Mercedes Benz – Campaign “Streetstyle” – #GLARoadTrip



From our unique workflow & storytelling software, best creative athletes & lifestyle influencers, in the most desired places, creating epic moments, delivering high quality content faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Everything happens in real time – you can be part of an extraordinary lifestyle in an easy and affordable way. We have over 250 upcoming projects in our database. Join The Revolution Of Storytelling.

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