We Are A Technology Company Whose Mission Is To Help Agencies, Publishers & Brands To Tell Better Stories At Scale. We Provide Brands & Content Creators With Smart Technology.

The MAKULO Story Part ONE – What We Do
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Storytelling In The Age Of Crowdcultures.
The MAKULO Story Part TWO – Why We Do It
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Challenges – Solutions – Benefits For Brands & Agencies
The MAKULO Story Part THREE – How We Do It
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MAKULO In A Nutshell

A Unique Set Of Features That Separates Us From The Rest.
Learn How To Save 80% Of Your Work Hours Per Content Creator.

A One Stop Software Solution For Your Content Marketing Journey – Branded Publishing
Strategy -> Content Creation -> Branded Storytelling & Social Activation -> Controlling -> Learning – > Adjustment

Changing Customer Espectations And More Channels To Serve Challenge Agencies & Brands To Tell Better Branded Stories At Scale. MAKULO Gives You The Tools To Create Authentic Branded Stories. Enables You To Manage Your Team Of Testimonials, Athletes & Influencer Cost Efficient & In Real Time.

KPI Driven

“Cost Per” Analytics – Measure & Learn – Customizable Metrics & Integrations – Individual Reports


Legal Compliant -> No Automated 3rd Party Data Aggregation & Connection

Eco System

A Software Of Interconnected & Supporting Features Which Mutually Enrich And Reinforce Each Other.

Higher ROI

Workflow & Data Driven Optimization, Collaboration & Long Tail Effects

We Believe

The Ability To Deliver More Human And Intuitive Experiences Through Storytelling, At Every Touchpoint, For Every Customer, Is The Single Most Strategic Investment For Modern Brands.

Episode I: What We Do

Episode II: Why We Do It

Episode III: How We Do it

Product: Business

Content Creator & Story Builder

You Work With 3+ Pro Athletes & Influencers On A Yearly Contract (Fix Team). You Need To Keep Track Of Their Product Integrations, Activities, Storytelling & Content Production Across All Channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram …) Media Clippings (Cover, Articles…), Travel Behavior.

Product: Enterprise

” Content Creator – Campaign Manager – Story Builder”

You Want To Tell Better Branded Stories And Plan Multiple Campaigns Or Product Launches. You Work With Flexible Teams / Influencer. We Have The Right Tools For You To Brief, Manage & Control Your Campaign And Keep Your KPIs On Track.

Strategy & Briefing

Audience: Who Are We Targeting? Where Do We Reach Them? Market: Where Is The Opportunity? Objectives: What Are Our KPI´s? How Do We Map Them? Resources: What´s Our Budget?

Convert Strategy To Briefing Via MAKULO Software

Casting & Matching

Invite Your Influencer & Content Creator Via Email. Add Them To Campaign By Unique Invite Code. Use The Matching Engine (MAKULO Index) To Separate The Best From The Rest. Convert Contract Details – KPI`s In Goals And Targets. Let The Software do The Rest.

Process & Execution

The Unique Business Intelligence & Analytics Engine Takes Care Of The Content Delivery & Quality Assurance. All Work And Communication Goes Through MAKULO´s Software.

Output & Optimize

Branded Stories, Media Clippings, Social Posts And Many More – Ready For Download & Distribute On Your Own Channels. A Suite Of Tools Makes Sure That Everything Follows Best Practices And Adhere To Necessary Guidelines.


All In One Solution

Managed Content Creators, Casting, Contract Handling, Support With Briefings, Quality Assurance & Optimization incl. MAKULO Software.
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From Our Unique Workflow & Storytelling Software, Best Creative Athletes & Lifestyle Influencers, In The Most Desired Places, Creating Epic Moments, Delivering High Quality Content Faster And At A Lower Cost Than Ever Before. Everything Happens In Real Time – You Can Be Part Of An Extraordinary Lifestyle In An Easy And Affordable Way. We Have Over 250 Upcoming Projects In Our Database. Join The Revolution Of Storytelling.

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