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The team’s genuine support and enthusiasm during product launches is one of the most important marketing activities for sports brands. We make it simple, automated and intelligent! AI based briefings across all channels is the key to drive sales and please partners or investors. Depending on the contract design and needs, briefings can be created via MAKULO Software. The estimate & insights analytics provide the necessary KPIs to learn, adapt and plan for the future.

The MAKULO software offers the adequate solution for every type of approach and contract design, which is seamlessly embedded in the existing systems such as Google, Microsoft and Apple and is therefore available in the existing, learned environment for athletes and marketing teams.

With our single post briefing feature you can easily send out briefings! One by one across all social channels, straight into the calendar of your team like iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar. All the assets right at their fingertips, instantly!

With our Bulk Briefing AI driven engine, you can set up product briefings for the entire team across all social channels! In a few minutes you’re all set and fully optimized for the creation process, back to back with the estimate AI engine.

According to the current trends, a creative and flexible planning is imperative to the success of your team. It simplifies the way the athletes work, while at the same time gives the marketing team full control to adapt and keep track of multiple posts and campaigns!

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