Years fly by

It seems like yesterday when we sketched our first ideas on a piece of paper in Taiba Brazil in 2012. Then a year later our first version of the Makulo software was launched at the very same place. We had neither a business model nor a plan of exactly what we wanted to achieve with the software. We knew we just wanted to help pro athletes work more effectively with sponsors and live their dream. 2 years later with over 10,0000 registrations, we met with the best athletes in the MAKULO house, again in Taiba Brazil and looked back at the birth of MAKULO as a brand. This video represents a kind of turning point. In the 6 weeks working with the best athletes we managed to establish a creative workflow in bringing brands together with pro athletes. Which is now the core of our software. Two visionaries, Susanne & Batiste, were the first to sign us as a team. From then on, a 4-year road trip followed and we worked on the most exciting market campaigns that you could ever imagine… what a ride. Only Corona could stop us. Now, with a new direction and perspective, yet the same team, we are back to write stories again. Let’s launch rockets.

CONTENT is KING – STORYTELLING is your ticket to the MOON.

A successful cooperation with pro athletes is based on #Respect #Flow & #Stoke. The basis lies in responding to their individual needs and bringing the collaboration into a natural flow without barriers such as downloading apps or complex registrations. The key lies in an intuitive experience, finding upcoming adventures that brands can fit into seamlessly, without pressure and constraints. The MAKULO software delivers upcoming adventures to the surface and all of it’s content treasures become deliverable.

When you talk, we listen!

Our clients feedback is invaluable to us. So during the pandemic when we couldn’t travel and marketing budgets quickly dried up. What did we do? We took the time to reflect and digest all the feedback from our clients and marketing teams, then we worked relentlessly on the software. The result is a much more intuitive process while retaining all the deep stats and options your have come accustomed too! We are proud to present a streamlined briefing process, improved product launches, more detailed estimates and reports, plus highly customized project pitches and overviews. Let us run you through all the updates and a completely new set of features to help you maximize your teams efficiency! Lets have a creative exchange.

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