We Bring Balance To The Lives Of Brand Ambassadors & Sponsors

The Balance of Opposites

MAKULO In A Nutshell

Strategic Planning – Team Briefing – Analytics / Insights – Increase Sales

A unique set of features that separates us from the rest. Save 80% of your work hours to plan und brief your product launches per Brand Ambassador / Team Rider. A Software that works across all social channels and devices without registration and login. Operates seamlessly within Google, Apple & Microsoft.

KPI Driven

“Cost Per” Analytics – Measure & Learn – Customizable Metrics & Integrations – Individual Reports


Legal Compliant -> No Automated 3rd Party Data Aggregation & Connection

Eco System

A Software Of Interconnected & Supporting Features Which Mutually Enrich And Reinforce Each Other.

Higher ROI

Workflow & Data Driven Optimization, Collaboration & Long Tail Effects

Audience: Who Are We Targeting? Where Do We Reach Them? Market: Where Is The Opportunity? Objectives: What Are Our KPI´s? How Do We Map Them? Resources: What´s Our Budget? Convert Strategy To Briefing Via MAKULO Software

Invite Your Influencer & Brand Ambassadors Via Email. Add Them To Campaign By Unique Invite Code. Analyze Their Audience & Average KPI´s, Current And Passt Brand Partnerships (Sponsors). Use The Matching Engine (MAKULO Index) To Separate The Best From The Rest. Convert Contract Details & KPI`s In Goals And Targets.

The MAKULO Launcher seamlessly integrates the team briefings and assets into the desired environment as Google, Apple and Microsoft. Briefings and assets are delivered to any device without LOGIN & REGISTRATION

Our Answer To The Legal Changes for Influencer Marketing -> MAKULO APPROVAL PROCESS. We Developed A One Of A Kind Approval Process That Seamlessly Integrates Into The Internal Workflow To Protect Your Brand From Liability Charges.
Legal Departments Love Our Solution. Brief, Track, Approve & Document Each Post -> Fast And Easy To Use Via Mobile & Desktop In Real Time. (Optional Feature)

The Unique Business Intelligence & Analytics Engine Takes Care Of The Content Delivery & Quality Assurance. All Work And Communication Goes Through MAKULO´s Software.

MAKULO reports maximize your productivity by limiting the amount of time to adapt, adjust and learn from your team performance. Track and analyze your team during product launches on their social media channels. Learn who is engaging customers and who needs to step it up their game!

Branded Stories, Media Clippings, Social Posts And Many More – Ready For Download & Distribute On Your Own Channels. A Suite Of Tools Makes Sure That Everything Follows Best Practices And Adhere To Necessary Guidelines.

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