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a boat. a team. a dream.

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The Austrian Flo Orley has been as a successful professional multisports athlete for more than 15 years, inspiring followers around the globe with his achievements as a world class big mountain freerider, hangglider, surfer, base jumper and – sailor.

His new project is to venture out into the vastness of the South Pacific on a 40 foot sailing catmaran with his wife and kids, trading the safe life on land over many years for a world full of adventure for the whole family.

For five years Nina and Flo will be teaching the kids on board and explore the seldom visited regions of the Western Pacific, where island nations like Tuvalu, the Marshalls, Micronesia, Papua New Guina and the Salomons present some of the most isolated and basic cultures of the world. Steered by tradewinds, tides and avoidance of the hurricane seasons they will not only take destiny in their hands but also inspire many others around the world to realize their own dreams.

While they are ready to give up the saftey belt of our society for a life far away from western civilisation, their authentic passion for life has already led them though some exciting projects in the past years:

Meet The Orleys For Mercedes Benz.

Flo Orley Lead Character Mercedes Benz Campaign

Looking for Partnerships

The most important part of this project is to have a strong boat to be a safe home for the family aboard even in the roughest conditions mother ocean will throw at us. Therefore we are looking for a maximum of three corporate partners who help us finance this vessel. In return, we will integrate these partners in our life and lifestyle throughout the whole trip, which will reflect in our communication in all media aspects: website, blog, social media, film production, multimedia presentation tour after the project, resembling a big amount of visibiltiy in all of our communication thoughout all media aspects.

New Partnership July 17 – THULE Sweden
As a long term partner in Flo´s life as pro snowboarder, from Sweden proudly anounnces to be on board with the Orley family for this trip! Thule does not only stand for highest quality outdoor gear, but will also integrate their fundraising initiative „We Can All Contribute“ into this trip, helping to make every remote island the Orleys will sail to a better place.

a boat. a team. a dream.

The History

Flo and his wife Nina lived through their biggest adventure so far during the crossing of the South Pacific on their ten meter sailing catamaran „FLiNA“, a journey they finished after 18 months with Nina being ready to give birth to their first child in 2011.

a boat. a team. a dream.

Panama ’10

Going through the Panama Channel is not only an exciting task, it also means entering a new ocean. For us it was the door into a new world where fishing, spearfishing and seeing the sun set in the endless water of the pacific ocean were among the memorable moments.

a boat. a team. a dream.

Marquesas ’10

After 3.000 nautical miles and over three weeks under sail without landsight, the feeling of arriving at the Marquesas is hard to put in words. The hospitality of the locals, the beauty of the islands and the rich polynesian culture are overwhelming.

a boat. a team. a dream.

Tuamotus ’10

The Tuamotues are small ring atolls with nothing higher above the water line than the palm trees. Hardly anywhere on our trip did we feel so connected to the ocean and its inhabitants as a human being.

a boat. a team. a dream.

Tahiti ’10

Within the vast South Pacific , Tahiti is one of the few places that has it all: high mountains, long fringe reefs, amazing lagoons, beautiful bays, french shops and local markets. a great place for frinds to visit us nomads of the sea before moving on to the rest of the french polynesian archipelago.

a boat. a team. a dream.

The Adventure Continuous 2018

boat purchase – 2017
start sailing – january 2018
finish – around 2023

Core attributes of The Sailing Family are:

– Caring family → a team facing storms at sea and in life together

– Social engagement → giving to rather than taking from the people we meet

– Strong sustainability
→ our boat is completely self-sufficent for many months
→ we move by the power of wind
→ we produce our own electric power (wind & solar)
→ we produce our own drinking water
→ the ocean is providing food
→ minimal ecological impact

– Great adventure → we are facing the forces of nature

– True outdoor → respect for our environment

– Exotic traveling → experiencing far cultures

– Realisation of dreams → overcoming your own restrictions

a boat. a team. a dream.

Stops 18-23

Tahiti – Kiribati – Tonga – New Zealand – Fiji – Tuvalu – Marshalls – Micronesia – Philippines – Papua New Guniea – Salomons – New Caledonia – Australia – Indonesia – Andamans – Sri Lanka – India – Maledives – Madagascar – South Africa – West Africa – Europe …

a boat. a team. a dream.

Inspiration & Ideas

Join Our Adventure – Below Some Selected Ideas & Best Practices That We Love. Feel Free To Get In Contact With Us To Exchange Ideas. [email protected]

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