One year with Tobias Hölter – so many projects – so many epic moments – Showreel 2014

February 6, 2015

Showreel 2014

Tobias Hölter was our first team athlete and believed in MAKULO from day one. Check out how he uses our Facebook Storytelling APP to show the Best of the Best.








Some words from Tobias Hoelter:

My Travels in 2014 started with visiting my girlfriend at the time on Aruba in the Caribbean. Three weeks later I moved on to the eastern Caribbean stopped on Antigua for 10 days and then flew all the way to panama for 3 weeks of crazy adventures with a bunch of friends. From there my Sponsor Cabrinha sent me to Maui, Hawaii for taken part in shooting the coming year product line. Right after that I went to Morocco to shoot our freestyle competitors at one event of the world tour.
A few weeks break at home were needed before moving on to North America for the Triple-S Invitational, were won the title of the Rookie of the year. A 4th place at another international wake style Competition in Russia at the end of August was great result to close the season with and move to Brazil to train, film and to let the year fade out. It’s been a sick Ride.

Showreel 2014:

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