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Jana Schader


I am a 27 year old kiteboarder and doctor from Munich. I just finished the first year of my work as a surgeon in Germany. In december I am moving to Davos, Switzerland to work there in the emergency department. So till then I took 3 months off to travel. Since I have only been to Asia 2 times and never to Bali this was on top of my To Do List, I always wanted to go there and I thought this time it is perfect.




So since I decided to learn how to surf properly this time and not just be thrown into a worldclass surfspot like all the times before in Maui, Capetown, Morroco trying to survive.. but actually take a surf course and improve. That is why I asked my freind Marit Nore for hepl who is also a Makulo athlete and working for Lapoint. Since I was coaching in one of her Kitecamps in Norway earlier this year and was stoked about the good organization and funny Scandinavian people I decided to do the camp with Lapoint in Canggu. They are cooperating with the Ripcurl Surfschool and I have to say this school is so well organized as well, super friendly, good quiver and great instructors. So if u ever want to do a course – these guys rock!

“I don’t work out – I just surf” – John John Florence



I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now: For me I have the best family&friends, the best job, the best past, NOW and future. I am a free, healthy individual who doesn’t have to fear nature catastrophies, epidemics or starvation… Sometimes I forget that my worries are just things I make up in my head, but actually Mother Earth is a good and safe place…. So that is why I decided to do a silent retreat for 5 days. I wanna put my focus inside myself so I can appreciate more how gifted I am to live in this world and body. That means no phone, no laptop, no talking, no commercialism, no distraction – just me, nature, yoga and surfing…

“Wisdom is like rainwater – both gather in the low places.” – Tibetan saying.



After my injury my mom was asking me the other day „ You’re sure you don’t wanna stop doing these extreme sports?“ And I was like „Of course I thought about it, actually so many times. After every injury I was asking myself if this is really worth it? But when I was about one year old and learned to walk and fell I was not telling myself either – Maybe this isn’t for me!“ I don’t blame her that she wants me to stop cause she is the one suffering with me, cheering me up and understanding exactly what I’m thinking. But giving up is not an option for me. If you’re dreaming at night about new tricks, if you’re thinking about a sport to cheer yourself up when you’re sad, if you spend every free minute to do that sport even if it takes a lot of organization and discipline to combine it with your daily life, if the first question to your doc after an accident is „ when will I be able to return to sports?“ then you know that you’re hooked! Sure you can stop and if you really rationally think about it you even should but if something makes you so happy then sometimes you should turn your head off and follow your feelings. It might sound cheese, as much as „no pain, no gain“ or „follow your dreams“ or „never give up“ does but it’s actually true. There are so many athletes in this world and most of them had a lot of injuries but the ones who a really great are the ones who never gave up. They went through it so many times: sport – injury – therapy – recovery – training – sport – injury…. and on and on. But it’s not like you only get injured if you’re doing those sports! Actually most of the accidents happen in daily life – so you would never stop cooking when you burned your hand once right? So why would you stop doing what you love if you failed once or twice? You have to learn from these mistakes, trying to make the best out of your recovery and come back stronger ……

If it would be easy – everyone would do it!




This week is all about recovery, becoming stronger and focusing on myself and my body… After already 4 weeks of traveling through Bali meeting so many new people, discovering places and exploring new things, it’s time for me to take a minute and rest. Recover from a lot of activity, taking a long breath and just put the body and mind into the focus… Sometimes to enjoy new experiences you have to cover up with everything you saw so far because your body and soul need time to process…

“Feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY”




Six weeks in Bali are already coming to an end… Time is passing so fast when you are experiencing a lot of different things and meet so many new people. I went on this trip all by myself with the confidence to meet people and make friends easily. And it worked out just as planned or even better. Bali is a refuge for travelers, adventurers, seekers and a lot more. I met a bunch of people who came here for vacation and never left. In Bali you have local life, perfect waves, yoga, great food and still western standards. Even good hospitals as far as I can tell. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned here but it doesn’t matter – then you just make a new plan – people are helping each other out here, no matter if local or foreign. Bali is a microcosm you can easily can get lost and never return… I loved to dive into it and I will return for sure, the Bali fever definitely got me. But as much as I got hooked by the surfing spirit I can’t wait to go home, back to my steady, “boring” life. I thought I would never say this but I really miss my job. And my friends and family. I guess this is the hardest thing about living in Bali – people come and go, long friendships are rare…but nowadays it’s easy to stay in contact through social media. And there is one thing I am sure about: the friendships I made here will last a lifetime.


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