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MAKULO – All in ONE Solution

Content marketing combined with influencer marketing is currently considered the most promising way to influence the buying decision of a desired audience throughout the customer journey.” When influencer marketing is professionally and strategically addressed, ROI can be compared to other marketing channels ten times higher. However, ignoring the tools mentioned below lacks standardization and scalability for efficient marketing action.

Influencer Network – Campaign Manager

Automate the ongoing management of influencers and the content they create with the MAKULO Team Manager. Whether you work with few or a large network of influencers, the team manger helps to remove the manual work from these processes using an intelligent eCRM and logistics engine to centralize influencer relationships. All of these elements are combined to form your own private network. You can expand your network with custom-branded landing pages, which allow users to opt-in to your influencer program as well as recruit new users.

Influcencer Marketing – Social Analytics

Comprehensively track performance and results at an overall, campaign and influencer level across the major social platforms. Customizable “smart lists” of favorites posts & content, which update automatically, can be created based on ROI, ratings and organizational needs.

Storytelling – Content Marketing

All Ingredients of a story at one place, easy to understand, publish, distribute, export and publish for editorial eams, clients and partner. Connects automatically to your Influencer Marketing content. The MAKULO STORYTELLER tool enables you to communicate faster and smarter to engage with customers & clients.

Landing Page – Intelligent Registration

– Automated Landing Page Generator
– Intelligent Registration based on Targets
– Short Profile or/and Travel Plans or/and Sponsors
– One Second registration for existing Users
– Campaign Specifications (Interests, Location …)
– Videos, Galleries & Download Briefings
– Automated User Guidance via Event based CRM Notifications

Campaign – KPI´s

– Campaign Description & Targets
– Contract Management
– Campaign Budget vs Reach
– Advanced Planning & Filtering

Influencer Casting – Audience

– Influencer Set Cards
– Media Kit Download
– Influencer Analytics
– Team Builder & Management

Forecast – Briefing

– Campaign Simulation by onHold Status
– World Map – Geographic Analytics
– Theme Cloud & Activity Analytics
– Advanced Travel Behavior
– Pitch & Projekt Viewer
– Storytelling Forecast
– weekly, monthly , yearly view
– Team Planner by Product

Singel Post – Weekly Average

– Single Posts Briefings
– Total / Average Briefings
– Budget Allocation – Estimate
– Influencer Campaign Area
– Individual Influencer Cockpit and Dashboard
– Team Building Tools to improve Quality

Talking About – Product Integrations

– Target Posts by Product Integration
– Target Posts by Talking About Product
– Mark Video Content
– Filter Posts by any Parameter

Social Analytics – All Networks

– Track ALL social Networks
– Post, Story and Live
– Analytics Paramter Tracking by Network
– Mark social Activity by Product

Asset Management – Reporting

– RAW Content Aggregation
– Social Clipping
– Download Content (Single / Bundle)
– Reporting based on contract parameters
– Alert System – Late uploads / Duplicates

Heroes – Characters

– Build Your Team based on Communication Strategy
– Filter Plattform by Single Influencer or Customized Sets
– Filter by Location
– Filter by Theme
– View Story Assest
– Content Quick Finder

Story Theme(s) – Matching

– Define Brand Themes
– Match Influencer Themes
– Automated Story Aggregation
– Download Story Assets for Editorial Team

Reach – Story Builder

– Measure Story Reach
– Build Favorite List for Automated Publishing
– Filter by Latest and Most Downloaded
– Story “Shopping” Basket

Content Publishing – Export

– Universal Export API
– Content Managent Systems
– Asset Management
– Newsletter System s
– or any other

eCRM – Campaign Tracker

– GDPR – Conform / No Third Party Connection and Data Aggregation
– Overall Campaign Influencer Database
– Track all Campaigns
– Invite Influencer form past campaigns
– Analyse Influencer Activity
– Influencer Network Builder

Ratings – Comments

– Rate Influencer
– Comment Influencer
– Contact to Project Manger
– Knowledge Transfer
– Optimize Influencer Performance

Product Filter – Custom Reports

– Product View
– Analyze Campaign by Product
– Or Product Combinations

Visualizer – Performance

Use our Individual Visualizer Tool to customize your Charts, Graphs & Performance Reports We can adopt the Big Data Output to your NEEDS. Talk to us!

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