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MAKULO is a brand started by Content Creators for Content Creators. We dedicate a certain percentage of our revenues to support the greatest talent out there – It’s our heritage we want to share it with you!

We at MAKULO love storytelling and looking for sponsorship opportunities with the most interesting Content Creators who want to pitch their projects to tell great STORIES. We will integrate these STORIES in our communications, social channels and website.
We are looking for fascinating adventures , touching stories and the most inspiring content we can get our hands on. So hit us up with your plans or pitch, we’ll have a look and get in touch if your ideas fire us up!

– who are you?
– what have you been up to?
– what do you do?
– why are you interesting?

– where are you going?
– who are you going with?
– what makes your plans different?
– why should MAKULO be interested?

– use the code MAKULOTEAM to apply
– separate yourself from the rest
– upload Media Clippings & Activities
– tell good stories continuously


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Hey guys, we’re looking for fresh content! Got anything up your sleeve? What’s on the horizon for you and your crew? Our marketing team is on the search for INFLUENCERS to work with in the next few months… So get after it, create a PROFILE, add TRAVEL PLANS and submit it to the MakuloTeam!

Gone Surfing

Current Project

To my person: My name is Jana Schader, I am a 27 year old kiteboarder and doctor from Munich. I just finished the first year of my work as a surgeon in Germany. In december I am moving to Davos, Switzerland to work there in the emergency department. So till then I took 3 months off to travel. Since I have only been to Asia 2 times and never to Bali this was on top of my To Do List, I always wanted to go there and I thought this time it is perfect.

Sail Away Family

Upcoming Project

The austrian Flo Orley has been living an exciting life over the last 17 years as a professional multisports athlete, inspiring followers around the globe with his victories at the Freeride World Tour as a big mountain snowboarder and as a hang glider, surfer, base jumper and sailor. His new project is to venture out into the vastness of the South Pacific on a 40 foot sailing catamaran with his wife and kids, trading the safe life on land for a world full of Adventure at sea as the SailAwayFamily

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